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At AXIS-Y, we have always been focused on developing and adjusting our products based on feedback from our dear community members. We wanted to take this a step further, however, and launch an entire line created by our community. For the past 2 years, we have been working on developing a special line while listening to the feedback of our community by conducting surveys, polls, and sending out samples to our participants. Finally, we are proud to say that we have officially launched our new line: ay&me. 

We started with an open survey where we asked questions about our community’s skin types, skin concerns, favorite and least favorite ingredients, ideal packaging, and more! From those results, we got started on formulating the products we thought would match perfectly.

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Biome Blend

The Special Biome Blend is a unique formulation created by AXIS-Y.

It is a blend of 5 different probiotics combined at the optimal ratios for benefits such as improving complexion and skin health.

It is developed for the best combination for optimal effectiveness considering the characteristics of the product and the stability of the formulation. Therefore, the composition of 'Special Biome Blend' ingredients may be different depending on the product.

Main ingredients may vary per product.

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